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With a concentration in Design and Multimedia Production, Jonathan Tracey (Owner & Creative Director of norkle media), left Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts, to join a premier Web Design Team (Ev2, later to become Vujade), located in Silicon Valley, California.

Jonathan spent the next three years overseeing the firm's design department on projects for companies including: Hewlett Packard, Informix, Red-Dot, MetaMarkets, BostonIT, MindSphere and Flatland.

After his experience as Lead Graphic Designer & Multimedia Producer working primarily for Technology companies, Jonathan and the Vujade Team were aquired by "AllStarFleet", a Fleet Management Company located in San Francisco, CA. Shortly thereafter AllStarFleet was aquired by "GlobeRanger", a GPS/Supply Chain Management Corporation.

Throughout the next two years Jonathan had the opportunity to be Lead Graphic Designer & Multimedia Producer for this 50+ Corporation.

When the company decided to relocate its Silicon Valley employees to Dallas, Texas in August of 2001, Jonathan seized this opportunity to fulfull a life long dream and to move to Southern California and build his own company, norkle media!


  Throughout the evolution of technology and the way people perceive branded media, our vision has also evolved.

Not  many years ago,  having a website was impressive. Now, in 2009 a website is considered standard for any established company and is typically favored as most companies #1 Marketing Asset.

Daily, the web is being populated with more dynamic and elaborate content. With E-Commerce Systems, Dynamic Web Applications, Flash Presentations, Motion Graphics, Video, and the media goes on... The web provides companies and individuals the ultimate portal for ehancing their lives.

At norkle our mission is to simplify the marketing process, take the "Oh" out of Overwhelming and drive your business to success via powerful media and marketing that works... everytime.

  Its a rare day that the norkle media doesn't get asked the question , "Where DOES the name "norkle" come from?"

Norkle was the nick name of my family dog that worked as security for my family's first Web Design Company , "Evolve 2000" WHICH later BECAME "Vujade".

Norkle's nickname came from his infatuation with eating, sniffing, and taking in absolutely anything and everything that was consumable.

Later, while snorkeling in Laguna Beach, I thought of Norkle and I decided that with his amazing beauty, endless energy, and ability to take on (and in) just about anything, norkle would be the perfect name for my company.
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